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Order & delivery

Due to Covid-19, deliveries have been delayed, some deliveries are more affected than others.

*Except for Pre-orders.

Without a track & trace code is at your own risk. Evidence of sending the order is kept.


During public holidays* the delivery time will shift until after the public holiday. The selected delivery will be sent in sequence as indicated on the next working day.

*Money only on public holidays that are celebrated in the Netherlands.


It is possible to order a pre-order for various products. You can recognize this behind ''*Pre order'' behind the size. Once the order has been shipped from Lola's Sportswear you will receive a confirmation email that your package is on its way to you! From then on you can follow your package with a track & trace code and the package has arrived 1-2 working days at your place!

The maximum estimated delivery time is stated in the product description, that is from the moment that you have placed the order, this is an estimate related to Covid-19. For the wait, automatic pre-discounts have also been applied to the products you have ordered.
Pre orders are also possible on request via: info@lolassportswear.com

Is the delivery time of the pre-order not in the description? Then you can take into account:

Sportswear & bikinis : 1-2 weeks

Colorful swimsuits: 1-4 weeks


Cancellation is possible within 48 hours, as long as the order has not yet been shipped. Once the order has been shipped, it is no longer possible to cancel.

We do not have a minimum order amount. On the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) there areand orders are sent this happens on the next morning, the delivery time will also be postponed.