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Enjoy together

A human is never done learning! This tile wisdom is something I am reminded of over and over again. The most important lessons for me in recent months have mainly been about being alone. I've worked a lot on wonderfully comfortable are with no one else than myself. I think a lot of people have been forced to learn this lesson recently. Some will realize this faster than others, but I trust that everyone, just like me, can enjoy themselves wonderfully. ANYTHING, a great reason that I only wanted to learn to be is because I have such wonderful people around me that I always want to be with. 
A community, it "together we are strong" is another such wisdom that you get from childhood and rightly so. The main reason that I like to shop at Lola and now and then a blog disc is because Lola goes for that community. Being strong alone is only the foundation for growing together! When I see others competing in the gym, I get to work with 120% new strength. Positive energy sharing can only do good and guess what, there is an infinite supply of it in the world. There's no need to look for happiness, it's all around you, so grab it!
Lola's vision Besides looking good, feeling good and taking care of yourself is also aimed at supporting strong women (and men) in their challenges. Although it doesn't surprise me anymore, I was so amazed by the effect of sports buddies. Because I do, since the gyms will remain closed for a while, those Chloe Ting challenges and my gosh… only that is quite a task. But then my genius sister came up with an idea: Zoom workouts LETS GOOO
Call it social control or just very good friends, the people who blame you when you don't want to work on your goals, that is the community you want to have! See, hear and DO. 
Just do that and communities, I suddenly implemented another crazy idea: I started skateboarding haha. A different setting than the gym and a huge challenge where giving up is not an option if you want to learn it. Even though I always find it exciting to get back on my board (I hope that will be ready at some point hahaha), as soon as I do and especially if I see others go so effortlessly, then I will too ! The Pro beginner skill movies from sk8ergirl Amy in Lola's lovely stretchy leggings will follow soon 😉 
My point being;  I wish for you to enjoy alone and together, as Lola’s friends, motivate, inspire each other and of course TO ENJOY! 
-Amy riders
If you have any questions or comments, let me know in a reaction! And if you want tips on being alone, stay tuned for the next blog!
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