Winter, a luxury or misfortune of the Netherlands. However you look at it, it's clear that these cold days have arrived and the hopes for a white Christmas can begin. With the occasional blue sky, it's definitely time for gloves. It is these days when you can enjoy the beautifully colored leaves that want to win the competition to stay on the tree as long as possible. Or how about that wonderful fresh air that blows your lungs open and makes your nose tickle from the cold. 

A new season with new challenges and in less daylight. Although winter has many beautiful colors, the gray side of this time can sometimes feel very heavy. No matter how much you want to get up cheerfully, the sight of a rainy day makes this perhaps a small obstacle. Fortunately, we are all strong and certainly not the only ones experiencing this! Taking care of yourself is therefore the key! So… what do you need this winter to color up your gray days? To see the beauty of the cold? To wake up and think “yes what a special day!”. 

"What do I need?" Do you ever ask yourself that question? And what if you answer it, do you do something with it? How nice would it be if you chose to give yourself exactly what you need this winter? And if you don't know it once, see it as an adventure! There is so much to discover and learn. And also remember that those gray days may also be. No one expects you to stay warm and sunny all winter. We all go out and think… words I'm not writing here haha. 

What it is all about for me, and my wish for you, is to actively choose positively to get the best out of yourself and this special time. Let's shine like the sun on ice and fight like the last leaves on the trees. There are also less happy feelings and remember if you want to change something, you can keep procrastinating. BUT, if you really want something start NOW. REALLY NOW, immediately. This will help you to really achieve the goals you want! Do you think this is not so? Then FIX IT! I believe in everyone's own strength. Not everything is possible and there are always choices that you can make. So what will you choose today? "What do I need?"  Go for your goals and believe in yourself!

Life is a canvas 😉 In the winter maybe a little grayer in the background, so all the more reason to use a lot of color. 


@Amy riders

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